The wedding fitness myth

With my wedding a few weeks away, I have been trying to get in as many workouts as […]

Moving against depression

For the past few weeks I have been struggling with anxiety and depression that has left me feeling […]

Pre-workout routine

I’ve shared how much I love a good workout, and after years of waking up the day after […]

3 workout apps to try

With so many of us using our smart phones for everything. From meditation to work, it has become […]

How an app got me to work out better

Despite always believing in keeping a healthy mind and body, I have never really liked doing either. That is until I discovered the Nike training app. After months of trying to find ways to work out more, and better, I came across the free app in my applications store. At first, as with most things that come from an app store, I was not convinced it would work for me. Mainly because, I thought I would never be able to hold myself accountable.

Exercise suitable for pregnant women

Pregnancy can be an exciting and stressful period. With so much information going around it can become hard to figure out what is good advice and what is just nonsense. When it comes to exercise, it is normal to feel reluctant at first however exercising is actually good for you and the baby during pregnancy. It’s good for strengthening your muscles and builds endurance for when you give birth. It will also be easier for you to shed weight after the pregnancy. In the same breath be careful that you don’t overdo it because that could also strain you and the baby. Before getting started its important to ask your DR what is best for you as every women is different. In the mean time, here are a few exercises to look into once you have the go ahead.