Overcoming trust issues

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have issues that come from our experiences. According […]

Dating a friends ex

All real relationships have faults, whatever the cause, what really matters most is the outcome. Relationships end all the […]

Money and relationships

Money is a matter that can destroy relationships of any form when not handled properly. Some people go into relationships just for money or materialistic things.

It’s always best to separate your money from your relationship from the beginning. This is so that you don’t find yourself trapped in any bad situation. For example when getting married, my personal opinion would be that its easier and better to go for a prenuptial agreement than community of property agreement.

How to slay & stay safe on a first date

Dating can be difficult especially in the first few days after texting and phone calls. Thinking back to my first date I was a mess! Luckily I’ve had a bit of practice. Although it never gets easier, there are some key tips that make it a little less stressful. I’ve put together a few tips to make sure that first date a little easier.

Mending broken relationships

Relationships are like a glass, they can break due to small issues and misunderstandings. Unlike glass however, there are ways to mend your relationship. Most of the relationships that exist are not the best possible matches. However, whether your partner is 100% right for you is not important, what is important is how you move through your differences. After all, nothing breaks ones heart more than a broken relationship. We spend hours thinking about what could have gone wrong and how we can get back to the way it was before. Here are a few tips that you can look at to mend your broken relationship.

Communicating in relationships

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another; at least this is the definition we all learnt from school. In our relationships we need to transfer information by having conversations. Conversations that will not harm our relationships but rather help them grow. There are times that we say things that we do not really mean because we are hurting. So how do we have difficult conversations without harming our relationships?