Long distance relationship

Every relationship has got it’s ups and down’s. But none of those can actually compare to those you’ll face when you decide to be in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships work differently for everyone. However, it is hard to ignore the facts of long distance relationships. Including not being able to see each other everyday. Even though there is Skype honestly nothing beats live conversations, hugs and kisses. Even spending those intimate quite moments together are priceless and irreplaceable when you decide to go long distance.

Controlling partners

Love is something we all hope for and wish to have in our lives. However sometimes you can feel threatened and fearful in your relationship. This can be a sign that you are being controlled and locked down in your relationship. This means not being able to do things that you love or used to do because you want to make your partner happy. Whilst we all want to make our partners happy, feeling like you cant be yourself is not the way to do it.

3 ways to reignite your relationship

We have all been there. That moment when our long term relationship feels much older than it actually is. When the excitement and the “dating” stops and you both become lazy. Which is why it is important to constantly check in on your relationship to see how it is doing. Morever, to see how you can improve it and reignite the spark. Here are my three tips to reignite your relationship at any age and stage of your lives.

3 ways to be intimate without sex

When we start exploring our sexuality as young adults one of the first things that most of us think is that sex is the only kind of intimacy there is. However intimacy is not just about sex and is about so much more. Whilst there are pressures that come from our peers and everything on TV, newspapers and magazines, it is important to know that sex is not the end all and be all. In fact if you ask me, it is the least intimate thing you can do with a person.