Nature Is Our Greatest Ally

Nature is teaching us that very simply, and very quickly, she can bring humanity to its knees. We […]

Menstrual cup

According to research, menstrual cups are the new eco-friendly product that doesn’t harm or cause the vagina discomfort. […]

Eco-friendly body butter

As girl who wants to look best without harming the environment, finding Eco-friendly products is high up on my priorities. Not only are Eco-friendly products better for the environment, but they are also good for our bodies and skin. Which is why when I came across Woolworths Eco-friendly body butter I was sold.

Have cigarette bans made a difference?

Has the ban on the advertisement of cigarettes really reduced the amount of people who smoke in South Africa? According to research countries that have banned tobacco adverts and promotion showed a significant 7% in reduction in tobacco consumption.