Words left unsaid

In whatever we do in life communication is always involved. Whether it is verbal or non verbal, it still plays a huge […]

Having a healthy sex life

Your health does not always apply to what you eat or how much you workout in a week. It also applies to your sex life as well. Everyday men and women enter into relationships looking for happiness, love, respect, care and support. But what about good and healthy sex? Which means having those sometimes awkward conversations with your partner that help you know each other more intimately. Not sure where to start? Here are some starting points for discussions you can have with your partner. These can make sure you are both comfortable, safe and both enjoy yourselves when having sex.

Sexual fantasies

We have all had a sexual fantasy or two at some point in our lives. However, sexual fantasies are still seen as something dirty and out of the norm. In most cases, people think that sexual fantasies are something that should not even be discussed in relationships. Well, I’m here to tell you that you should discuss them.