Why eating at home is better for you

I love eating out. Something about eating food that you didn’t have to cook makes it taste better. The funny thing about that though is that even though I love eating out, I also love cooking. Which is why it is always a toss up in our house between eating out, or cooking. That was, of course, until I started becoming a very picky eater. For someone who has a sensitive stomach like mine, sometimes eating out can feel like a death sentence. Which is why lately, when given the choice, I almost always choose to eat at home.

Low GI

Low GI stands for low Glycemic Index. This index helps determine and even with actual tests on the effect of certain products on one’s blood glucose. It also determines the physiological measure of how fast and the extent that carbohydrate foods affect the blood glucose level.

Keeping a healthy brain

Our brain changes with age and so does our mental function! It is important to keep a healthy brain which will lower the risks of poor mental functioning and memory loss. So what can you do to keep a healthy brain?

Are your periods making you tired?

That time of the month can be a little difficult for us girls. Our mood changes from happy to sad, we start craving all kinds of foods and sometimes we get cramps. This is all normal, but what happens when your period starts to make you feel exhausted?


Our bodies need a lot of things to keep it functioning – vitamins are one of those things. Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed in small quantities for the body to function at its best. Vitamins are important for one’s normal metabolism and also to prevent deficiency diseases that may occur when we don’t get enough of a certain vitamin.