Stuffed turkey recipe

Whilst turkey is traditionally American. I have always been fascinated with this chicken-like meat and thought I would […]

Chicken stew

With the hot and cold weather we have been experiencing lately. Its hard not to feel like you […]

Cook Beautiful: Book review

If you are anything like me, then you love a good cook book. Which is why when well […]

Mashed carrot potato

Everyday we have a choice to eat right. Whilst we may not have someone to force us to choose between a cheese burger or a plate of vegetables, no matter which way we look at it, eating healthy is whats best for us. Especially If you are serious about getting in shape, then you need to be even more serious about what you put in your body. All the exercising in the world can’t get you to where you want to be if you’re eating poorly.

Peach mint ice tea

With temperatures rising, its important to keep cool and hydrated at all times. This week I share with you a recipe for a nice cool summer drink to keep you cool and hydrated. Because our bodies lose a lot of water in summer, it’s important to keep it your drink intake high. Dehydration is when we lose more water than we’re getting into our bodies which can lead to drowsiness, faintness and heat stoke.