Learning when to change things up in your business

.If there is one crucial thing I have learnt after almost 10 years in business, its is that one needs to be adaptable. This sounds easier said than done given that most of us dream up every little aspect of our businesses before they even start and are convinced that our business plans and hopes for the business will go as planned. But the truth is this rarely happens. More often than not we are forced to make some critical changes at some point or other.

This can be in the beginning of the business a few years in or even a few decades in. What ever the case, knowing WHEN to change things up is as important as knowing how. With COVI19 many businesses will not survive, partly because they were not able to adapt to the new realities. Which is why knowing when and how to change is very important. Here are some easy to follow tips on changing things up in your business;

  1. Identify why you need to change; is it because of social issues like an unforeseen pandemic? Are clients not as interested in your products or services as you had initially thought? Or did you perhaps make a mistake in your planning. What ever the case, realize that knowing what the root of the problem is will help you solve it better.
  2. Identify how you can change: One of the ways I have seen many businesses like restaurants change during this health crisis is to offer food delivery services. Whilst others like salons etc have offered virtual consultations where you can get all the ingredients you need to be talked through a spa facial at home. What ever it is, sometimes all you need is a little innovation and maybe even some trial and error.
  3. Be willing to change more than once: While changing your business once may seem daunting. Realize that you may need to change it a couple of times over time. Like anything that grows, change is not a bad thing but a sign of your ability find better ways of doing things.

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