Being disowned by family

I haven’t written articles for a while now and I’m writing this article out of pure experience.

Ideally when you’re born, you’re supposed to have a supportive family that will raise you into a wonderful young adult/ One that is responsible and who will carry on the family values. However not everyone experiences that. For some of us, we were born into families that barely care about us. And our extended family barely sees or knows us which can cause resentment.

As someone who did not have a relationship with my father, or my fathers family. I know the feeling of being unwanted all too well. But for the most part of my life I wasn’t resentful to my absent father. Because even though he was not around I still felt loved and cared for. And even after my mother passed on, I lived with my grandmother and life wasn’t always so easy but I survived. I loved her and obviously had my days when I disliked her but she was my grandmother after all, and thats all I had.

Like any other relationship with anyone, you love each other the next minute you’re arguing but recently things fell apart. It al started when my grandmother that I love so much, that sacrificed all her years to raise me, disowned me over an argument about folding clothes. This is obviously a personal experience but I wanted to share it with you to show that anything can happen. Because no matter how long you have known someone. In the end it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through together. And when some people have made up their minds none of that can change anything.

Being disowned by my grandmother over something I saw as petty has been the most hurtful experience. I felt like my mother died all over again.
People always bury their emotions and when they decide to lash out, it’s terrible. If you have an issue with someone, spill the beans. if someone has an issue with you and speaks out, listen attentively or you might lose them forever. Communication is key.¬†Because ending a beautiful relationship with family or otherwise, can have harmful effects for everyone involved.

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