Why having less can make you happier

For many years I was surrounded by things due to clutter. My great grandmother loved collecting things, my grandmother did the same too and my mother was no different. I never used to get bothered by any of that.
As time went by, I needed more space and my grandmother wouldn’t understand. I spoke to my friends and they told me that old people find it very difficult to let go of something they’ve held onto for a long time. Especially if it has a memory or serves as a valuable item to them.

When I finally had my own space, I realized that I was heading in the same hoarding direction. I honestly didn’t understand how and why I had so many things that I didn’t use. Which is why I have decided to become more of a minimalist. And start removing all the items I don’t need.

It’s not easy because some stuff I haven’t used and I keep convincing myself that I’ll start using them. But at the end of the day, I know that I am lying to myself. Because if I haven’t used something in over a year, why would I start now? But what I have learnt so far in my journey of letting go is that I am a lot happier. And that this new way of thinking is a lifestyle on its own. A way to make me think about what I am buying, and how I will use it. This often means that when I look around my space there is nothing that is giving me anxiety or guilt because I havent used or worn it.

This way of thinking has also saved me a lot of time and money. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by your space, or uninspired. Start by looking at what you have and ask yourself if you love and use the items around you. Or if you are just keeping them because you feel you have to? At the end of the day think of how much better you will feel by giving away or selling the items that no longer serve you. And you will be surrounded by things you actually love instead of things you are forcing yourself to love. But remember that adopting this lifestyle is not an overnight process, instead its a slow and sometimes painful one with great rewards.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!