Living in fear with anxiety

Over the years, I have been treated for a number of mental health issues. However the one that keeps coming back over and over again is my constant fear and anxiety about the world. As a fairly logical person, I fail to understand and see where my fears come from but at the same time I can’t seem to avoid them.

As much as I try, my mind often wonders to deep, dark and depressing places. Places where ever situation could turn from good to bad in a second. Which when I think about it may have to do with my past trauma’s and fears that I have convinced me and my brain that nothing good comes easy. And that all that is good can and will most likely be lost.

Which is why as I enter a new phase in my life I am working constantly to rid my mind of negative, scary thoughts. Thoughts of loved ones dying, things ending in tragedy and overall disaster. Here are some tips that I al starting to use to help with my fears and anxiety;

  1. Breathing: This may sound simple but if you are like me, the first thing I do when I am scared is not focus on my breathing. Instead, each breath becomes labored and short. So when ever I feel anxious or scared, I try to stop and take three deep breaths.  This way I can get some much needed oxygen to my brain and also focus on something other than my fears.
  2. Focus on something else: Anxiety for me often comes when I let my mind dwell too  long on something thats about to happen. Which is usually when the doubt and fear kick in. So to combat my thoughts running away with me I like to focus on something else by taking a walk, watching a movie or working out. This way my brain has something else to focus on.
  3. Focusing on what I can change: Most of my anxiety comes from things that are coming up in the future. Things which, to be honest, I have no real control over. At least not entirely. Which is why I like to work on things I can change whether big or small. This way I feel more in control and can focus on the present instead of the unknown future.
  4. Talk it out: Luckily I am surrounded by a great network of people. People who are willing and able to listen to me and give me some perspective. Which I have found to be extremely necessary in getting a real life perspective. And not just an idea of one that I have created in my mind.

Whilst I will say that taking care of my mental health is a daily process. I have found that finding solutions to everyday problems has greatly helped me. And hopefully some of these can help you too. Or at the very least help you come up with your own solutions.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!