How to write a C.V. & prepare for an interview

Going to school to study is something our parents talk about on a daily basis. We go to school and we study what we love and sometimes what we don’t love. However, often times the tricky part is always how to get into the job market. How do you set yourself as the best fit for a job and set yourself apart from other people applying for the same job?. These questions flood our minds as soon as you graduate from university or sometimes after your high school years.
To help get you started I have compiled some tips for writing a C.V. and increasing your chances of getting the job you want.
Before you think of sending in your C.V. for the job you want to apply for, here are some things you need to do and think about;
1 – Read the Job Description, from that, mark out the key words. For example see if the job description has terms like “fast learner, work in an ever changing environment, willing to learn etc”. You can use these or variations of these words when writing your C.V. and some of your strengths and weaknesses.
2 – After marking out the key words, go to the company’s website and see what are their values and what the company is about. This will help you in the interview process down the line and also when writing your C.V. as you will show that you did your research.
3 – Do research on the job you’re applying for and this time you’re looking at what the job reviews are from other people. This means understanding what it’s like to be in that position.
After gathering all that information, it is time to start writing your C.V.
At the top of the C.V. (Your header)
You write the following :
Full name and Surname as it appears on your passport or ID.
Contact number .
Email address.
Residential address.
Next is the Executive summary; this summary explains the whole C.V. incase the employer doesn’t have time to look through the whole C.V. they know everything about you.
This executive summary will include : What you’re currently doing (maybe you’re studying – what year are you in and what are you studying). As well as give an insight into your future plans and why you want the job. Whilst this may seem like a lot of information, it is important to keep this section relatively short.
Your characteristics. These can include being a fast learner, your values (mention at least two), and maybe some that align with what you red in the job description like being a team player.
Next is your Education. Start with the most recent education and end with your matric certificate, if matric certificate is all you have. That’s still okay, however there’s no need to put what subjects you did. Just make sure before applying if they want someone with a specific degree or type of experience.
Next is your work experience. This is where you can tell them what other jobs you have done, for how long and what you learnt from each experience and key achievements. Mention maybe 2 or 3 work experiences and remember to keep each of these experiences to about 4/5 lines.
References: These are names and numbers of people you have worked for or who know about your work ethic or skill set. Put your most recent reference matching those on your work experience and maybe one from a mentor or someone who knows you well. Don’t worry about having a lot of these you only need about 2-4 references. And remember to ask
Remember to be honest and short in your C.V. as you don’t want to start your new job/career on false promises. Even if you do not have a ton of experience, showing that you are eager to learn can help push you in front of the rest. If you still need more advise and visual template to help guide you follow this link and get started making your dreams come true.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!