Saving in your 20’s

Being in your 20’s requires a lot of things. I call this phase of life “adulting”. This is the phase that I believe makes or breaks your career or your life in general. The decisions that you make now in your 20’s will have either a positive or negative impact in your later years of life. Which is why making good decisions for your future is important.

Decision’s like saving money. Even though managing money isn’t something that most of us are taught from a young age. It is never too late to learn how to manage your money, regardless of how much it may be. In your 20’s there’s so much to buy, some of us may be thinking of clothing and others of buying property.

Whichever way you spend your money, you need to remember to be responsible and “pay yourself”. This phrase doesn’t necessarily mean that you must spend money carelessly so just because you want to pay yourself as you’ve worked hard. It means save money aside for yourself in the future.

And whilst the idea of managing your money can seem like a lot of work, its pretty simple. And there are no hard and fast rule for how to do it. One of the best ways is where ever you feel the most comfortable. This can be by drafting a budget to see how and where you spend your money. Or simply deciding to put a little bit of money aside every week. The amount doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you start doing it.

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