The broken generation

Every single day, our parents complain about how this generation is out of control. Everyday we see how unsafe our environment is getting. You can barely speak to anyone because of lack of trust.

And as a young person, I get the feeling that we are living in broken world. And that by consequence, we as young people are becoming broken. Traumatized by violence, lack of trust, inequality, unemployment and so much more. But who is to blame for it? Is it us or is it the generations before us?

And what is the point of blaming anyone because the damage is already done? How do we move forward to find a better path for the next generations to come?

As the generation that was born in the 90’s, I feel like we were raised with a lot of trauma. Trauma from being beaten up, shouted at, spoken to like nothings and often times not encouraged opinions. And whilst I can sort of understand because of some issues our country (South Africa) was facing. I still feel like this trauma has affected us more than we know. More than our parents even realize.

But what scares me even more is how I see the current generation being raised. whilst young people born in the 2000’s may not have as much violence. I sometimes feel like they have a different trauma. Trauma from parents not taking part in their lives and lack of interaction with the real world. Always being on computers, cellphones and other technologies.

Parents no longer take part in their children’s lives. They throw fancy technology devices at their children so that they don’t have to deal with them. These children’s minds are not mature enough to handle all the pressure that comes with devices and social media.

But that seems not to bother our parents because on a daily basis they will tell you about how hard it was for them when growing up, you need to be grateful you even have a phone. But they are forgetting the most important thing, and that is a parent who is present for their child. A parent that is loving and being appreciative. An encouraging and understanding parent. This brings back the interaction between children and their parents thus spreading it out to the communities and society and trust can be regained.

And whilst I feel that the damage is already done I think it’s time to think about the coming generation. To find ways to not repeat our parents mistakes. And for those of us who are parents, it’s time to change. To be the  the difference in your child’s life and most importantly be fully present in their life as much as possible. Because no one can raise your child. Only you can. And how much effort you put in in the beginning will show for life.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!