Coping with peer pressure in your 20’s

These days our lives are surrounded by technology, which makes it nearly impossible to stay away from social media platforms. For many of us its a way to stay connected to loved ones such as old friends, family and even school mates and colleagues. However with a majority of our lives happening online. Social media can turn against us by putting pressure on us to be something or someone we are not.

Which I find stressful and difficult when you are in your 20’s. As this is one of the most crucial time’s of your life. It is a phase whereby you’re full of life and your life will be determined by how you live your 20’s but believe me, it can get very stressful.

We deal with challenges on a daily basis and the worst of them is pressure of seeing your mates or peers doing well in life and you feel like you’re stuck and your life isn’t progressing.

Let me tell you something, “comparison is the thief of joy”. When you see others doing great, congratulate them and learn from them. Envying their life, sitting at home and being depressed will not get you to where that person is. But looking at yourself, your goals, your success makes you different from that person and that’s what is special about you.

Here are some tips I use to help me when I feel the pressure of comparison;
1. Sit down and calm down. It’s very important to calm down. Because when your mind is clouded with your emotions then you’re unable to think clearly.
2. Start to think what are the things that make up who you are (your characteristics).
3. Write them down and start to think of what you’d like to see happening in your life when you’re 30 years older than you are now.
4. Now think of your current goals and link them to what you want in the near future.
5. Write down everything you’ve ever achieved no matter how small it can be (eg. You resolved a conflict at home).

Hopefully after doing this exercise you will see that you have achieved far more important and relevant things than you thought. We often forget our value because we keep looking on other people’s greener grass and forgetting to water and trim our own.
You’re not useless, you’re not unworthy, you’re not stuck in life. Stay with your pace and it will all work out.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!