Self-love and appreciation

Whilst we can all agree that love is a priceless and beautiful thing. I often get worried whenever I notice how we love others over ourselves. How we feel hopeless and defeated when our romantic love comes to an end. So much so that we end up forgetting our own worth in the name of love. Which is why I strongly believe that none of us can heal a broken soul while we ourselves are still broken. Or give love to others when we haven’t given ourselves love. Because no matter how all other relationships go, the most important relationship you will ever have in the world, is the one you have with yourself. 

And by love I don’t mean just loving your physical appearance. But also loving who you are inside. Loving your journey and appreciating your growth. Because whether or not we like to admit it, we are all special, phenomenal and unique. And we all were sent to earth to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small. We all have a role to play. 

And whilst self love is the most important love in my opinion. I also understand that thats not the way most of us were raised. Which is why it’s important to learn self love and practice it ever single day. This can be done by knowing and honoring yourself and  standing firm in what you believe in because who you are and what you are will attract people who are meant to be in your life. The way you treat yourself is the reflection of how others will treat you, but also how you will in turn treat others.

So if there is no one to befriend with, then befriend yourself. If there is no one to love you then love yourself. And if there is no one to appreciate you please do not hesitate to appreciate yourself. Because whenever there is nobody else to turn to when your life is upside down, the strong bond and relationship that you have formed with yourself will prove invaluable. 

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    I like the concept of self love , but it can be difficult to put in practice . Where do you even begin? How do you do it ? Wallowing in pain and self hate at times seems to be a better option

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