Confused about the future?

Becoming a young adult can come with a lot of challenges. For starters you’re welcomed to a new world that’s different and has lots of responsibilities. Everything happens so fast and you realize that the world doesn’t wait for anyone.

Going from high school into university seems all fun and games. That is until you reach your final years in university reality hit’s. The realization that you are now going to join the real world and start looking for a job, paying bills and maybe even supporting loved ones can be a hard reality to accept. Especially as it is often not as easy as it seems. Which why it is normal to feel confused. Because you may have a thousand questions you’re asking yourself with no real answer. Which can sometimes lead to self doubt and confusion on your future.

When you’re faced with such a situation, I’d advise you not to panic. Relax and sit down and think. Start by taking a paper and pen and write down your goals and vision for your life you want. Once you have done this be realistic and write about where you are right now. After that think carefully about the steps you need to take to reach your goals and vision for the life you want. If you need to do research then get it done and reevaluate your steps and then take action. And if you’re looking for a job, write a C.V. and start applying for jobs. If starting a business is one of your goalsĀ  then draft a business plan.

It may seem stressful, but once you have the first step down, the rest becomes easier. Because after all, life will get hard. And you will have moments of self doubt about many things to come. But the reality is, you have got this. You just need to remind yourself that you are in control. And that no matter what happens, it’s not over until YOU decide it’s over. After all, its your life and you get to make all the rules.

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