Why getting help after trauma can stop you from traumatizing others

After hearing and watching all that has been happening in the media with R.Kelly, it got me thinking how a lot of this could have been avoided. If you are not familiar with the current events, singer songwriter R.Kelly has been accused of having sex with and abusing young women and girls throughout his very successful career. Whilst the allegations are nothing new as they have been happening for a whilst now. One thing I realized with the recent news and coverage of the musician is that he himself was a victim of sexual violence in his past. Something that he has not always spoken about and something that quite frankly is I didn’t know about even though I have followed the musicians career for some time.

Which is why when I heard about what had happened to him, my first thought was, “this man needs help”. Whilst I am in no way condoning R.Kellys actions and believe he should be punished. As someone who was raped and molested at a young age, I know the psychological effects these events have had on me. Things that still haunt me today. Things that quite frankly distorted the way I looked at and continue to look at the world today.

Which is why I am a huge advocate for getting therapy after any and all sexual violence incidents. No matter how small you or the people around you may think they are because at the end of the day most of these things come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

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