How we as women can tip the scale & fight climate change

I am not sure if you feel it but climate change is starting to impact our lives in unprecedented ways and we have been warned. we need to make some real changes, in order for us to put the brakes on this global event. Interestingly, women and girls are seen as the most important players in the fight against climate change. We cannot turn to our kids in years to come and blame it on governments when there are things we can do in our daily lives that will collectively have an impact.

Personally, I believe in the power of the individual and we have the opportunity to take action with our daily choices. A few months ago I stopped buying foods wrapped in plastic. I went to the supermarket and walked out with so few things, I thought to myself, this is going to be impossible. And then I took a step back and realized I just had to get creative…and so I was. The funny thing is, it was not nearly as hard as I thought and in actual fact it made the whole shopping process so much nicer.  I also felt better as I was hardly creating any waste. I saw people watching me and saying that they would start to do the same.

It’s not only with our consumer choices that we will create impact but it does play a big part. Here are some tips on how you to can tread a little lighter on mother earth and start making choices that will change the future of our planet. It’s not about being able to afford something its more about not wasting and making the most of what already exists.


  1. Take shopping bags with you to carry all of your produce
  2. Buy fruit and vegetables from market stands and bring your own small bags and save on plastic bags. You are supporting small business owners and having a positive environmental impact
  3. Bring tupperware to your butcher and get them to put the meat in it directly. It’s much better for the meat and for you.
  4. Save glass jars and reuse for containers.
  5. Instead of using cling film put leftovers in a bowl and put a plate on top or use Tupperware
  6. Take your own bottle of water with you. Reusing plastic bottles is not safe as they leak toxins. Having a glass bottle with protection or a stainless steel bottle works the best.
  7. Try a meat–free meal once a week. This is not only good for your body but will have a big impact on the planet
  8. Avoid processed foods as they are really unhealthy and they also take a lot more energy and resources to produce.



  1. Join the trend and check out the vintage or second hand stores for amazing buys at fantastic prices.
  2. Have a capsule wardrobe of a few well made pieces that work well together
  3. When you no longer want to wear a piece of clothing pass it on to someone else and let him or her enjoy wearing it. Or have a swap day with friends and exchange clothes with one another
  4. Somebody else can have fun using toys and reading books that you no longer want or use. Pass them on.


At home:

  1. Use soap bars instead of shower gels. They are so much better for the environment and usually have fewer chemicals.
  2. Vinegar is the best cleaning product to get rid of lime scale.
  3. Save up for things that are better quality. It works out cheaper in the end as they last longer.
  4. Need a new sofa or dining table then check out the second hand stores. You may need to paint a table or recover the sofa but you will save yourself a lot of money in the process.
  5. Solar lamps and chargers are really useful particularly with the black outs we face. Have light and charge your phone for free whenever you need it.
  6. If you have a computer turn it off when you are not using it….they use a lot of energy

What are some other ways you think we can do more to help the environment?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!