How to deal with pain

Whether we like to admit it or not, pain is something we all go through at some point. But instead of seeing pain as just a negative thing. Its important to learn from it too. Pain can be defined as a negative feeling that makes you sad whenever you think about something hurtful that has happened to you or is currently happening to you. Instances of pain include the loss of a loved one, facing social rejection, feeling unloved, or any other harmful emotional event. It does not matter how small or severe your pain may be, at the end of the day if it is not dealt with, it can always hurt you. Below are a few tips on how to deal with pain, whether physical or emotional pain.

  1. Accept that you are hurt: Allow yourself to grieve, crying is the first healing process because crying means that you embrace your current situation and it will help you relieve your pain.
  2. Get help from your family and friends: It is well said that; “it is better to cry with someone than crying alone”. Some people prefer to be alone during a difficult time. However isolation is unhealthy because you will spend more time blaming yourself for what happened instead of getting better.
  3. Give yourself some space to breathe: Take a break from everything and get some fresh air. You can do this by taking long walks, listening to music, developing a new hobby or doing something new that will make you smile.
  4. Learn to let go: The moment you accept what happened it can become easier for you to let go. I know it is not easy to move on from heartbreaks or emotional trauma without self-blame. However sometimes you just have to accept that life must go on.


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