The Priyanka & Meghan effect

If you haven’t watched in awe as hollywoods two leading ladies have made headlines in the past year, then you may be living under a rock. Not sure who I am talking about? Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle of course. Whilst the two friends and actresses may have only recently become popular, they both have had mega successful careers and lives. Not only that but for those of us who have watched them in awe over a number of years, the ladies also seemed to have what most would dream of. A real sense of self AND  a sense of humor.  As philanthropists, actresses and so much more, the two friends frequently travelled the world as spokes people for the United Nations and to experience new cultures and countries.

Which is why, unlike is common place in the world, no one bothered to ask when either one of them was going to get married. Even though neither ever said they were opposed to the idea. It was rare to see or even hear about their romantic lives. As it was obvious that they were much more than future wives and mothers. That was until Meghan (37) started dating and subsequently married Prince Harry and Priyanka (36) married Nick Jonas. So why the fuss?

Well, for me its two fold. Firstly, I find it refreshing that in their mid/late 30’s, both actresses are accomplished beings who didn’t seem to settle for the first guy that came along due to fear of their age.  Something that as a 29 year old I admire. Especially seeing how much pressure we as women face to marry. Instead of building our careers, traveling and focusing on what we want.

Secondly I love how much they have inspired myself and so many of my peers into reconsidering the time factor. The idea that time is running out and you have to get married and have babies before 30. Otherwise you are not considered “successful” or “desirable”. And even though I also got married this year. I am finding myself sighing in relief and taking the pressure off of myself to have babies any time soon.

Like Meghan and Priyanka I want to travel, make memories and get to know myself first before committing to having a child. Something that I have always wanted. But until recently thought had an expiry date. Which is why even with 30 around the corner, my focus is on more travel than on starting a family. Something that until recently I thought of as weird. But now I see as a way to grow with no apologies.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!