Getting into a sleep routine

I don’t like routine. Even in my work as the GirlZtalk community manager, I struggle to do things the same every single day. But lately I have been finding myself craving a little routine to help reduce my level of stress, manage my time better and have better work life balance. Especially now when things are picking up and I often find myself doing one too many things. The biggest need for routine also has to do with my sleep.

As someone who has almost always struggled to sleep, I am finding that I am sleeping less and and less and end up starting the day tired and frustrated with myself. For years I have convinced myself that I am a night person, but the truth of the matter is that I am just need a routine.  A bed time routine to help my mind and body shut down. I know better than anyone how dangerous stress is which is why over the past few days I have been trying to establish a routine. Here are some cool new things I am doing each night to help prepare myself for a good nights rest;

  1. Wash my face: This may sound like a given, but most nights when I get to sleep around 2am exhausted and stressed because I know I won’t sleep much, I tend to forget to wash my face. Now that I have been doing it almost every night I find that washing my face helps to calm me down and relax me. Which is why one of the first things I now do before bed is get a good face wash in.
  2. Do some stretching: This may sound weird but I have found that with my intense workouts 3 times a week. Getting a good stretch through foam rolling or just regular stretching helps heal my muscles. Also When I climb into bed, my back doesn’t start giving me problems and my only focus is on sleeping.
  3. Reading: I am NOT a big reader and I struggle to get through a book a year, let alone a month. But as I’ve come to realize, my issue is not so much with reading but with WHAT I am reading. My current book genre of choice? Fantasy and mystery, which helps my mind escape the stressful day and switch off.

What are some things you like to do to prepare for bed?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!