Why practicing gratitude is important

As someone with a good life, I am not very grateful. Not because I am unaware of how lucky I am to have been able to change my circumstances. But because as with most of us these days, gratitude feels impossible. With so much imbalance in the world, and the added pressure we face, especially as young people. Remembering to be grateful is the last thing on my list. Mainly because instead of celebrating my accomplishments, I am often looking at how I could be doing better. Wishing for something different, or something someone else has. And being on social media does not help much either.

Especially when at 29, I feel like no matter how good my life is. My peers lives seem even better. Which leads me to forgetting that everything I now have. Everything I have worked so hard for, was something I once prayed for. Which is why after a particularly stressful week last week, I took a day to be grateful. For my health, for my friendships, for work  and most importantly for my life. Because whether any of us acknowledge it, life is precious. And the fact that we get to wake up every morning, no matter how imperfect things may be, is something worth being thankful for.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!