Friendly letter to my dearest self

Dear Princess

I am hereby letting you know that I have been thinking about you. I’ve been thinking about the girl you were as a teenager. The lady you are today and the woman you will become in the future. Then I realized there was something very important which has been troubling me for some time. Something that wouldn’t go away until I decided to take a pen and paper and write to you.

You have lived and you are still living. You’ve crossed many rivers but you never drown. You’ve climbed mountains, you’ve been through trials and temptations; in summary, I would say that you have been through it all. But there is one thing that you did not do; forgiving yourself. You managed to forgive all who did you wrong but you forgot to forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

I see how you could not let go of people who did not add any value in your life. Because you care so much about them but at some point, you really need to let go. For yourself, so that you can be able to discover your true self. It is important because without letting go, you will often find that are being held back.

I also remember how as a teenager, all you wanted was to be like any other teenage girl around school. When other teenage girls were talking about their boyfriends, you had nothing to talk about. You believed that you were not good enough to attract boys around the school. You started to hate yourself thinking that you can only be good enough when you started dating and if boys do not approach you it means that you are not beautiful. But I hope you hear me when I say that those boys did not approach you because you were ahead of them. Always remember that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and you were created in the image of God. Which means you are more than beautiful. And in the end it was their loss, not yours.

Looking back I also see how much you were a people pleaser. Trying always to please your friends and forgetting about yourself. Often forgoing your own happiness for the sake of being loved and understood. You even went the extra mile begging for acceptance. And even now you are still struggling to find the right place for yourself. But you are no longer a teenager. You are now a young adult. And as scary as it may seem, it is time for you to start creating the woman you want to be. Even though I am you, and you are me, its hard to acknowledge and say these things sometimes. Which is why I am writing you this letter. To read and look back at when ever you need a reminder. Because when I look at you, I see a phenomenal woman. A strong woman who does not believe in self-defeat. Someone who is bold and confident with a strong character and someone who can have a positive impact in society.

I hope that by the time you finish reading this letter you will truly understand that. And maybe you will stop being so hard on yourself. After all, constant self criticism can bring more harm than good. And as much as I cant see it all the time. I know that you deserve better. And that you are already doing much better than you think.

Yours Sincere



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