Is that really you on social media?

There is discord in the air and whilst we call ourselves sisters. We still choose to derail one another in search of putting ourselves one step higher up on the virtual ladder. The reality is we are derailing ourselves. Creating bigger insecurities for ourselves and dismantling the trust and support that friendships are built upon.

I often hear that growing up today the air feels thick. Social media has connected us in such a way that our every move is up for scrutiny. And yet if we don’t play the game we miss out. There is no room to move and to just be without the judgement of our social media friends. The need for likes and reassurance almost becomes addictive. And yet where does this leave us? Ultimately, we know it doesn’t make us feel any better and yet we are too afraid to change it because we don’t want to stand out. And yet, who we are as individuals is our greatest asset.

So, my invitation today is to be brave enough to be just you. No matter on what social media platform. Support others who you know are just being themselves and make that what social media is about – not what we think society expects us to be like. What’s trending but actually a pictorial reflection of who we actually are. The more honest we are, the more trust and respect we will earn from our friends and peers. And the less we will feel the need to compete and upload retouched, insecure versions of ourselves.

As Dr Seuss said, ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out!’

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!