When to introduce your partner to your parents

We all want to find the love of our lives and spend the rest of our lives with them. But after all the work has been done, when is the right time to introduce your partner to your family? Do you do it right at the beginning or when the relationship is more serious?

These questions can be very tricky to answer. Especially because they all mean different things for us based on age, religion and even how we were raised. I’m not sure about other races however what I know about most African cultures and traditions is that you can only introduce your partner as a male when you’re ready to marry the woman. And as a woman, it is only when the guy is come’s to your house to pay the bride’s price (lobola) that they meet your parents.However, generally it’s very disrespectful for a young adult to bring different girls or guys to the house to meet the parents.

Of course this changes with each scenario and situation. As divorced people may have a different set of rules. The same goes for if you have children, or are pregnant, which is when the rules change. Overall, it can be very difficult to predict what is right or wrong. Which is  why it is important to fully understand your situation, your parents and their expectations, as well as various cultural and religious norms. This way you and your partner wont be caught in an awkward situation. And everyone will feel respected and listened to.


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    Zayn Mokoena

    The good thing is that things are evolving and parents are becoming more accepting of things, let’s hope soon enough that this won’t be a big deal. Growing up I used to envy white kids because their partners would be allowed to come to family trips and get-togethers.

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