Skincare routine updates for every age

If you are a self professed skincare junkie like me, then updating your skincare is not something new to you. But sadly, for many people, skincare is not a priority. And often stays the same. However, as with workouts and diets. It is important to change up your skin care routine every few years as your skin changes. Not to hide your real age, but rather to help you age better.

Which is why for as long as I can remember, I have changed my skincare routine every five years or so. Here are some of my personal tried and tested skincare change ups which have helped keep my skin radiant and mostly spot free;

16 years old: Like most teenage girls, my first skincare issues started in my teenage years when hormonal acne and lots of sun were my biggest problem. To help my skin out, I started wearing sun screen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not only did this help prevent my skin from aging prematurely. It also helped to prevent my acne scars from becoming darker. Which made them easier to handle and get rid of. I also started drinking lots of water and washing my face twice a day especially after a long day at school.

21 years old: At 21 most of my hormonal acne was gone, however, as I was in university I encountered a new set of problems. Late nights, partying and fast food. Which in retrospect was all good and well but did nothing for my skin. To alleviate this issue I turned to masking once a week with a hydrating mask to help my skin recover. And I started using under eye cream and oil to hide dark circles from lack of sleep.

26 years old: As I entered the job market where stress and more light nights were a part of the game. I noticed that my skin was starting to look dull. Worst of all, I started to get a few early wrinkles on my forehead and neck (from looking at a computer the whole day). Which is why I started using serums and night cream. Whereas I had always used the same cream for day time and night time. I found that using a night cream and serum helped me fake my way to younger looking skin.

31 years old: Now approaching my 30’s, self care is a big part of my life. Not only has the stress only gotten worse (hello adulthood). But I also find my skin losing the elasticity it once had. Which is why I have added vitamin c and retionol serums to my routines. And started taking collagen supplements to help restore my skins elasticity.

What are some changes you have been making to your routine?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!