Seasonal book club review: Sugar daddy

Hi ladies. My name is Nokuthola and I am the founder of Soweto based book club “seasonal book club”. Where young women get together to read, review and discuss books. Todays book review is based on the book called titled: Sugar Daddy by Author Ros Haden, adapted from a story from a story called “Dianna”.

What I love about this book is that it highlights teenage issues that we face at home, school and in our communities. Issues that we continue to face as young adult’s.

The book starts with a girl named Busi who feels left out when her friends win a competition at school. Feeling discouraged, Busi felt like the only talent she had was being late for school. As her friends started to get more and more attention, Busi felt even more left out and useless. Which was when she went to the toilet and stared at herself in the mirror, asking herself why she was not talented like her friends. Tears welled up in her eyes and she decided to leave the school grounds.

On the street Busi met the smooth, handsome taxi driver called Parks. Parks was a married man who lived with his wife. However Parks wife could not  conceive. They had been trying for years to have baby but had had no luck. After seeing Busi’s insecurities, and the fact that Busi was vulnerable and living with her grandmother, Parks took advantage of Busi.

Soon after they met Busi started to skip school. And convinced herself that Parks loved her. Parks provided for Busi. He bought her airtime, a cell phone, gave her money for launch at school, bought her new clothes and promised her that he will accompany her to the matric dance.

She was so exited and in love that she told her friends that she is now dating an older man. That she is no longer into small school boys because they don’t know how to treat a woman. She also thought sleeping with a man made her a woman. Until she found out she was pregnant. Parks wife knew and wanted to take Busi’s baby.  And Busi was left with a difficult decision to make. Before I ruin the ending for those of you who want to read this book, let me tell you why this book has stuck with me.

For starters I can relate to the pressure that Busi faced with the pressure we all experience as girls and young women today. We all want nice things. We all want to look beautiful and smell expensive. And we are bombarded by news of young girls who finished their studies because of a sugar daddy paying for her fees. We also live in an environment where material things mean more than your happiness or your life. We cherish money because we see it as the only way for us to get out of poverty. And we will do anything to maintain a certain standard of living.

Another contributing factor is that many of us come from broken homes. Homes where are there are no adults. Where there is no one working and in a house of 10 or so people. Mothers and fathers who are either absent or living away from us. And to top it off, we are constantly comparing ourselves or being compared to girls who are on TV or live next door with cars.

Whats even more sad and surprising is that the very same parents who compare you have never taken you to higher education. Or helped you with finding a job. Which is why for many of us, finding a sugar daddy seems like the only option.

However its important to remember that a sugar daddy will always say what you wish you could hear from your family or from someone you love. And whilst he may help financially. In the end you will be the one dealing with the consequences. Whether thats abuse from him, falling pregnant and him running away, contracting an STI or any number of things. Its important to see sugar daddies for what they are. Good on paper, but with often difficult and life changing consequences.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!