How to survive the final cold front

After being on bed rest for almost 3 weeks, I have a new found appreciation for preventing any and old illnesses. Especially the common cold which a few of my friends and I have struggled with lately. As the seasons change, its easy to fall into a false sense of security and stop keeping warm. Especially because weather in South Africa (and Africa in general) can be deceving. Which is why when I came back from my European summer holiday to 22 degree weather, I was reminded why I love living in South Africa. That was until the night time hit and tempretaures dropped. Couple that with the last few cold fronts and I am not suprised I was down for so long.

Whilst I am pretty good at preventing illnesses, seasonal changes can be tricky. Which is why I have compiled my 5 tips for surviving the last of the cold fronts and keeping most common colds and viruses at bay;

  1. Wear a scarf: Before I met my husband, I owned one or two scarves. But as a European, used to harsh weather, he introduced me to scarf wearing. Particularly in winter and during the confusing change of season. Which is why I have a scarf in my scooter seat, my bag and pretty much anywhere I go.
  2. Stay hydrated: I am probably not the only person who doesnt like drinking water in winter. But with the cold dry weather, I have noticed that if I actually listen to my body, I end up drinking a few liters a day. Not only does the water help keep me hydrated. But it also helps to flush out any viruses and infections a lot faster.
  3. Sweat: Whilst I will be the first to admit that going to gym when sick is next to impossible. After two weeks of being on bed rest (and feeing a little better) I decided to hit the gym. The idea was not to wear myself out but rather to sweat out any viruses and gunk from my body. And I must say it helped. It also did wonders for my fatigue. Especially after being given tons of medication whilst I was sick.
  4. Rest: I always think of winter and even the beginning of spring as the perfect time to rest and refresh. Not only will your body and health thank you for it, but you will also feel better after a sold 8 hours sleep.
  5. Cut drinking: If you are like me and enjoy the occasional class of wine, beer or cocktail, this may not sound like something you want to do. But after cutting out weekday drinking, I have noticed that I sleep better, my mind is less foggy and my overall health is better for it. With summer coming around and a number of summer parties, braai’s and going out. I feel like its a worth while sacrifice.

So ladies, what are some ways you fight the last of the winter blues?

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!