How to build self confidence

Sadly, not many of us can say we have good self confidence. With insecurities, social media and magazines. Its difficult to feel good about yourself, when you are comparing yourself to others.  It also doesn’t help that we as people and especially girls, are mean to one another. Calling each other names, and not thinking how that would affect them. Or about what that person has been through. After all, the words we utter to others leave a mark on someone, whether positive or negative.

However there are ways in which someone can improve their self confidence. I’ve used these strategies and I’ve seen improvement in my self confidence and hopefully you will to;
1) By your door or your mirror ( basically the place where you always spend time) write down positive words to yourself

2) Do self affirmation, everyday before going to bed and when waking up, say your affirmation. It can be a quote, a word or a paragraph that reminds you how awesome you are.

3) Be kinder to yourself. This means that instead of looking at someone else’s life, look at yours and remind yourself how far you’ve come. Our journeys are different. And no two people are alike. We also tend to judge ourselves harshly.

4) Dress up so that you feel good, it doesn’t have to to fancy and expensive but presentable and comfortable.

5) Be kind to other people. I know this is easier said than done, but being kind can have positive effects not just on the other person, but also on you. Because it is only once we can appreciate the beauty and success in others that we can do the same for ourselves.

So ladies, remember to work on yourself daily and your self confidence will improve. It may not be in a week or a month or a year but when you working on it, you get better at it. Self-love is a full time job and we could all do with more of it.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!