Why changing up your workout is good for your body

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I HATE routine. So much so that I cannot do the same workout for more than three months. Mainly because I start getting bored, and frankly, so do my muscles. Which is why I like to switch things up often. Firstly by pushing myself and my body to try new workouts to activate different muscles. Secondly so that I can find the workout that works for me. Whilst I can honestly say I have tried my fair share of workouts. I still don’t think I’ve found the one. The one that transforms the way I see working out and my body.

Whilst there have been some great one’s like “Sweat” by Kayla Itsines. As well as the Nike training app. I still find myself after the three month period, bored and not that connected to my body. Which is why for the next three months I will be trying something completely different. And dare I say, more high impact.

I came across Kira Stokes on instagram and loved how much she seemed to continiously work on her program. And had the body to show for it. Whilst my aim is never to be super fit; I love food too much for that and as they say half the job is in the kitchen. I do hope to get my body to a fitter, stronger and more toned place. A place where I can feel comfortable wearing a bikini come summer. Or even just short skirts without cringing. Which is why I am amped to try this new program “Stoked” which promised great results. And a better connection to your body. Something we could all use more of.

And whilst I am not sure if this workout will be the one. I do know that I will keep looking. After all, workouts are not one size fits all. Neither are diets. Which is why its important to keep looking for new ways to challenge yourself physically. Especially when you start to get bored with your routine.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!