How KonMarie changed the way I look at clothes

As a self professed fashion junkie, I have to admit that until recently, my closet was full. And when I say full, I mean really full. From pieces I’ve had forever, to more recent items of clothing. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good style moment. And that any day is a good day to shop. Especially when we are talking vintage or second hand shopping. For a long time too, I had convinced myself that because I buy mainly second hand, that I could have as many clothes as I wanted. Which would have made sense had I actually been wearing my full closet of clothing. But the problem was, and I think this is the case with most of us. Most of the time we keep items just because.

Maybe because we like the brand, or it takes us to a certain place in the past. But keeping all the clothes and adding to them, meant that my closet was all walk and no talk. What I mean by this is that whilst it looked good, I wasnt actually using it. That was until I decided to read through Marie Kondo’s book “The life changing magic of tidying up.” that I understood that I had a problem. One I needed to fix asap. Especially because I like most people like to look and feel good. The main point of the book (which is a great quick read by the way) is that we all hold onto things that no longer serve us.

From clothes, to kitchen stuff and so much more that we forget that instead of living our most authentic lives. We just end up in a rut. Which is what had happened to me. Because as i looked through my closet, I realized I wouldn’t wear half the clothes I owned today. But that I had kept out of guilt. Which meant the pieces I did love, also got no love or play time. Which is when one Sunday afternoon, in the quite of my home I took every single item of clothing I had, spread it out and asked myself “do I love this.”.

If the answer was no I either put it into the donation or sell pile. And after several hours, what was left was were a few (about half of what I started with) items that I loved. And my closet has never looked or felt lighter. And whilst my shopping addiction wont stop. I now know that in order to keep my closet happy, I need to only buy items I love. Not what is in fashion, or what I think I will wear. After all, dressing is a personal thing. And I intend to keep it that way.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!