Harmful effects of anorexia

A while ago, Sadie Robertson a 20 year-old Duck dynasty star and working model shared her struggles with anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder
characterized by irrational fear of food as well as extreme  life-threatening
weight loss. Patients that suffer from this have distorted body image
and an obsessive fear of obesity. Even though they are underweight.
Robertson posted on her blog about her experience sharing that she
had a negative view of her body. Which led her self worth to also go down.
And whilst struggling with this she made it a point to hide it from everyone in her life. Including her own mother. Currently Robertson says that she is 15 pounds heavier then she was when competing on the show “Dancing with the stars” in 2014. And since gaining the healthy weight has started to feel good and more confident.
Robertson admits that she still has some negative thoughts about her body However that when she gets them, she reminds herself that she is worthy. She writes “…its my job to take authority over them,” speaking on her anorexic thoughts. And whilst anorexia is a well known illness, many like Robertson continue to suffer in silence. Mainly because of the stigma attached to it. Which is why if you think a loved on has an eating disorder, you should find them help as soon as possible.

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