Why traveling light is the way to go

Having recently come back from my wedding and mini moon (a mini honeymoon) I have been thinking a lot about traveling light. Mainly because after spending three weeks abroad, I can honestly say I should have packed lighter. whilst three weeks can sound like a long time. Factoring in the amount of time we spent in each country. I now realize that three weeks is actually not that long. In fact its quite short. Which is why instead of lugging around a very big suitcase with more shoes than underwear. I regretted my packing decision every time I had to move from one city to the next.

Which is why with this new information, I am making a big case for packing light. Not only does it help when moving from hotel room to hotel room. But it also forces you to be creative. And if you are anything like me, it leaves you with a good amount of space for any purchases you might make. Which is why as an avid traveller, I am now thinking smaller. At least in terms of suitcase. After all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Not spent worrying about luggage.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!