Families fall apart

Growing up I’ve always heard people saying that families fall apart.

Now that I’m all grown up and can reason, I understand exactly what they meant. Even the perfect looking family has its own problems. The differences amongst people can often cause conflict. Things like different aspirations, dreams, goals and opportunities cause conflicts in families. It goes far beyond how people are raised in the family. If equality, appreciation, communication and acceptance are not some of the values people live by. Then jealousy can arise and cause conflict.

Unfortunately you cannot control how people feel at the end of the day. All you can do is accept them and actually focus on your life. I believe that families fall apart because of jealousy or miscommunication and misunderstanding.

I do also think that there’s not much that can be done to try pull a family together when they’ve all made up their minds about how they prefer to live without each other. However a meeting can be called and see how matters can be resolved. After all, sometimes its best to resolve issues. Instead of throwing your hands up and giving up. Which can lead to some sort of regret down the line. But what ever happens. Its important to know, especially as a child caught in the situation, that it is not your fault. Especially when it comes to parents divorcing.

Because often times the issue is not you but your parents. And what ever they decide to do, is their decision. The only thing you can do is focus on yourself. And realize that sometimes, even with the best situations, things just don’t work out.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!