Liver health

Recently I had one of the biggest health scares I have had in a long time. During a routine check up with my doctor, I found out that my liver was becoming toxic. How does a liver become toxic you ask? Pretty simple really, drinking too much alcohol and not enough water. As someone who prides herself on living a pretty healthy life I was shocked to discover that I had liver problems. especially as I was pretty self aware and could and would usually step back from partying and drinking when I felt my body needed it.

However, with wedding planning, increased stress, and more takeout than I care to admit, I started to realize when the doctor asked me about my lifestyle, that I hadn’t been healthy for a while. Which is when I had to start thinking of making some serious changes. One of which was to drink more water and less alcohol.

I also focused on eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, and tried to walk s much as possible. Which as it turns out was very easy as I went to Europe for holidays where walking is part of the culture. Not only that but the change in weather (its currently summer in Europe) encourage me to drink more water than I was at home in South Africa.

Overall I am getting there and as with most things I have my good days (where I workout, drink water and eat healthy) and my bad days (where all of this goes out the window). But I am learning to slow down, listen to my body and stress less. Because whilst ultimately and in time my liver can and will get better, its up to me to help it. Which is something we should all do anyways. No matter what life throws at us. Our health is the most important thing.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!