How to dress in a different country

In short five days I will be making my way to Europe to get married in France and have my honeymoon in Italy. Whilst I have been to both these countries before. I realize now that I am preparing to pack for my 3 week travel that my style changes when ever I go to a new country. In part to accommodate the different weather. But also to accommodate the various cultures. One thing I really hate though when traveling is looking like too much of a tourist. Which is why it is always important for me to do some research on countries dress codes and cultures.

Whilst Italy and France have some slight difference’s. They also have a lot of similarities. Similarities that include the need for comfortable shoes to explore the various cities. As, unlike South Africa, you can walk to many places. Which is why having cute flats is a must. Another similarity, at least from my experience is the ease in which women dress up. Whilst South Africa and particularly Johannesburg can be very glitz and glam. The Italian and French women prefer more of a subtle chicness. Which often means a little less makeup. And certainly a little less high heels than what I am used to. Do you research countries before you pack for a holiday?


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