A letter to my father

Normally I would write an article but this time I chose to write a letter to the man that gave me life but never gave me love. In this letter I’d like to express that I am not resentful. But instead that I am grateful.

Hi there;

I don’t know how to address you because I never got the chance to meet you because you abandoned me. I don’t know your reasons nor understand why I wasn’t important to you. However I don’t need your explanations it’s quite too late. I want you to know that the pain that I felt all these years in your absence in my life has made me a stronger woman. Over the years I’ve learned to face challenges head on and conquer them. And time and time again I’ve done so.

There is so much I would have loved to share with you but then that will forever be a dream. Especially when all these years the word “father” has been my worst nightmare. I do not hate you, because I’ve never met you. I’ve never heard your voice, never seen your face and I’ve never felt your touch. And still I want to forgive you for the choice that you made. Parenting was an option for you but to my mother she made it her passion. Your absence has made me value those people who have stepped into my life to fill the void that’s always been difficult to fill.

I want you to know that your absence has made me not only much stronger and better than I’d ever imagined. But also wiser. So thank you.

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