Sex-positive feminism

The idea that in this day and age women still find themselves explaining how they feel sexually and defending themselves against those who feel women should not be so vocal about sex is a rather sad. Especially in a world full of so many beautiful forms of art and expression. Why can’t sexual positivity be another form?

Sex-positive feminism, also known aspro-sex feminism, or sexually liberal feminism, is a movement that began in the early 1980s. The idea centers on the idea that sexual freedom is an essential component of women’s freedom. Which is why sex positive feminism seeks to right the wrongs of injustices when it comes to sexual freedom. This ranges from the freedom of choosing when to have sex or how to have it. The education around sexual health and making decisions for individuals, the right to say no. And my personal favorite, the freedom to be free from judgements based on sexual activity.

In recent headlines we’ve seen the rise of women abuse and the killing of young women by their partners. This sort of behaviour raises questions about how we are raised and what we learn from society. Many debates have been held to truly understand the reasoning behind the incidents.  One of the arguments is that it is because women are more “out there” these days. They are free minded, liberal and lead their own lives. One could also reason that it is because of  the shift of power and dynamics between the genders. This shift from thinking of women as barefoot and pregnant to powerful leading women is changing how relationships are sustained. And often leads to a change in the interaction between partners and how they relate to each other.

Personally I am for the movement and the idea that as women we can take charge of the various aspects of our lives. Understanding that change is beautiful and being unapologetic for any sexual desires that one may feel is ok. When trying to liberate ourselves as women from the social constraints that saw us as voiceless, sexless beings. I believe that one of the first steps is to be more open with in communication about sex.

Especially because can be a beautiful and liberating practice that can have lots of health benefits. So whether you believe in this movement or not, its important to never feel the need to explain your sexual desires. And to feel free to explore and experience sex and all it has to offer. And no-one should make you feel bad about it. Especially as it is your body and your choice.


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