Face masking at home

As someone who grew up with pretty bad skin, I really value good skin. What is good skin you ask? Well, its pretty simple really. For me its skin that is well hydrated and not aging prematurely. As I approach 30, premature aging is one of my biggest concerns. Especially given the fact that I live in a heavily polluted city like Johannesburg. Which is why cleansing my skin twice a day is not only important, but vital.

Apart from that I also like doing weekly facials. At least once or twice a week. This not only helps keep my skin looking good, but feeling good too. And in winter, good looking skin can feel like something hard to attain. Which is why during drier months I also like to go to a professional at least once a month to properly cleanse my skin. And remove any dead and dry skin cells. Whilst this is my monthly little luxury some months getting a facial is impossible and expensive. Which is when I do my own in depth facial at home whilst watching my favorite movie or TV show.

So if you are like me, and you enjoy taking care of your skin. Here is my easy to follow deep masking routine to help keep your skin young and hydrated.

Step 1: Remove makeup and wash face with warm water.

Step 2: Follow this with a facial scrub. I like to use an apricot scrub I get from Dischem, but there are many others at Clicks and other stores that you can use. After scrubbing, pat face dry.

Step 3: Boil water and put in a bowl. Dip a face clothe in the boiling water and wring out excess water (be careful not to burn yourself). Place hot clothe on your face to open pores for 5 minutes. Remove clothe and put back in boiling water.

Step 4: Apply a cleansing mask with either tea tree, charcoal or some sort of clay. leave on for 30 minutes while. Wipe mask off with wet clothe.

Step 5: Apply a nourishing mask to your face with avocado, oil or some sort of nourishing properties. Leave for 20 minutes. Wipe mask off with wet clothe.

Step 6: Apply a sheet mask with serums and leave on for 30 minutes or as long as you want. After 30 minutes take sheet mask off and massage excess serum on face and neck.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!