Is what you wear contributing to poverty?

Have you ever thought about who made your clothes? The t-shirt you bought the other day for a bargain, which you can’t wait to wear. Or those new winter boots? They could well be contributing to the cycle of poverty that the fashion industry wields. Not only is the fashion industry the second biggest polluter in the world after petroleum. But it is also responsible for millions of people working under horrific conditions and being paid a wage that they can hardly survive on. Why? So that we can all buy clothes as often as possible and as cheaply as possible. It certainly makes one think about that bargain differently and the companies that support that industry.

The good news is there is a worldwide trend gaining pace within the fashion industry like the #IMadeYourClothes movement. Which aims to create awareness that there is a person behind every piece of clothing we wear. And shed light on the fact that they deserve to be treated fairly. Brands like Nike, H&M and Woolworths are joining in with guarantees the products they produce are made in factories with fair trade practices.

At the same time the #FashionRevolution trend has got the attention of big brands who are also moving to change the industries approach to production. A move to sustainability is cool for us as it means our clothes will be made to last longer. And materials used will be healthier for us. Not only that bu companies are also offering to repair clothes like the cult jeans brand Nudie. And best of all our clothes will have a less damaging effect on the environment.

The trend now is not to have as many clothes as possible but to own fewer pieces that are beautiful and designed to last. This change in consumer buying has also led to vintage clothing making a comeback. Second hand clothing stores are popping up everywhere and the trend to sell ones clothes or exchange clothes online is becoming huge. So before you buy cheap clothes ask yourself where they come from. How they were made, and if the values are in line with yours.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!