Strained mother daughter relationships

A few weeks ago as the world celebrated mothers day, I was struck by how many young women on my social media had strained relationships with their mothers. Whilst its easy to assume that we all have happy loving relationships. The truth is, that isn’t the case. But with mothers being such a celebrated group, no-one, or at least no-one I know, ever talks about the hard relationships. The one’s that don’t end in mothers day brunches or spa outings.

Which is why I thought I’d dedicate my post to those relationships. As someone who has a difficult relationship with my own mother. I understand how difficult mothers day and any other day that emphasizes that relationship can be. But even as a daughter, I can imagine that the same is true for mothers with strained relationships. Who’s pain and emotions may be highlighted on days like mothers day. Which is why whether you are a mother or a daughter, it is important to show yourself some love.

Whether that is by going on a date by yourself. Joining another mother/daughter date, or simply reminding yourself that you are not alone, self-care is the number one remedy I prescribe. This does not mean forgetting, but rather embracing your unique experience and showing yourself some love. Because whether you talk to your mother or daughter, you will always be a mother or daughter. And thats something worth celebrating.

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