Catching feelings?

Have you ever found yourself catching feelings? Especially after a one night stand or for your sex buddy and did not know how to deal with it? Here are some tips on how to deal with those awkward moments. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we have all caught feelings at one point or other.

  1. Try keep your distance: I can imagine that the last thing you may want to do is create distance between your new feelings and your object of affection. However, it is necessary to take some time out to re-establish some boundaries and make sure your new feelings don’t interrupt what may be working between you and your buddy.

  2. Find A New Hobby: Trying out new things outside of your association with your buddy is a good thing while you’re trying to manage your feelings. It will give you something to do that will keep your thoughts and actions from doing something something you may regret.

  3. Keep Things Simple: When you get together with your buddy, be sure to keep things simple and uncomplicated. Keep conversion very light and nothing overly intimate.

  4. Tell them about it: If you feel like you really can’t change your feelings or ignore them, then maybe its time you talk about it. This will give your buddy an opportunity to say what he or she may be feeling. Be prepared though, they may not feel the same way.

So what ever you decide to do, remember that we are humans. And  sometimes feelings may arise without any intention. It is important to enjoy every moment and do not forget to use protection!

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