Birth control

With so many unwanted pregnancies happening in South Africa and the world. I started wondering about birth control. For one, I wondered if it is a good idea to be on contraceptives and two, how one could find out which one is good? Whilst our bodies are all different. There are basic contraceptive methods that you can use to stop unwanted pregnancies. From the pill, which comes in many different forms, to other ones such as condoms.

Whilst deciding which contraceptive to be on is a personal choice. For me, I think it is the best thing ever . Especially if you are sexually active but not ready to have a baby. However, you also need to keep in mind that it is always best to double up. Especially since contraceptives only prevent pregnancy. Which is why using a condom to prevent yourself from unwanted STIs is also important.

You may be wondering why the need to double up, and the answer is simple. When you use a condom you are protecting yourself against all the sexual transmitted diseases like Syphilis, herpes, crabs and so many other STDs. Which you can get during sex with someone one, or a few of these. And whilst they sound harmless, STDs can be painful and dangerous. Especially when not treated. And whilst I have listed a few STDs,  there are many others you need to be aware of and protect yourself from. Which is why condom use, as “outdated”, as it might seem is important.

Overall however, I would suggest that if you want to start birth control to try different one’s until you find the one that is suitable for you. Because some contraceptives can have side effect’s, like weight gain, increase in appetite, low sex drive, abnormal periods and cellulite. So speak to your doctor or nurse and read up as much as you can about what the different options. Because after all, prevention is better than cure. And going through the difficulty of an unwanted pregnancy can be more difficult than using contraceptives.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!