Glamping 101

When most people think of camping, they think of bug bites, bad sleep and even worse toilets. Which is why for the longest time camping was at the end of my favourite things to do. That is until I met my partner who loves to go camping. Especially at music festivals where we will be in a couple of weeks. Having been to this particular music festival and camped before, this time around I am going to make sure that our usual camp is a little more glamorous. Which is where glamping comes in.

Glamping describes a glamorous way of camping. With most of the same principles, glamping is a little more…luxurious. So whether you are going to pitch a tent at a music festival, or somewhere in the bush, or even a beach, here are some basic rules of glamping;

  1. Make sure your tent is big enough: Although we have been camping in the same tent for three years now. This year I hope to upgrade our existing tent to something a little bigger. This allows for more space and less humidity caused by having to squeeze into a tiny tent.
  2. Bring comfortable bedding: Whilst bringing your nice bedding on a camping trip may sound a little crazy. It will be worth it at night when the temperature drops and you are feeling cold. Not only that but it will make the whole experience a lot more luxurious. Especially if you bring your nice pillows.
  3. Hang some lights: Getting lost and tripping over things is not a new thing. Which is why on this trip, I plan to bring some battery operated fairy lights to help light up our tent at night.
  4. Portable stove: As someone who wakes up angry when hung over. This year I am planing on buying and bringing with us a portable gas stove. Not only is it useful for those late night smores. But it will be a welcome addition in the late morning when all the food stalls have run out of bacon and eggs.
  5. Camping chairs: Whilst I can kick it on the floor as well as the rest of them. Nothing gives me more joy than sitting in a chair with an ice cold drink during the hot days at a music festival. But seeing as most chairs are taken most of the time. Having my own foldable camping chair is just what I need.
  6. Creature comforts: As much as I love meeting new people and partying my weekend away. I am also a person who enjoys their quite time. Which is why this year, I plan to bring some creature comforts. These include a good book, my ipad (to read some magazines and watch series) and my favourite night gown for cold nights when I have to find my way to the bathrooms. I also plan on bringing a night mask and some ear plugs and earphones to help cancel out the often loud noise of camp life.

What are some things you would take glamping?


What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!