Friends with benefits

Ladies have you ever heard of the term “friends with benefits”? The meaning of the term differs from person to person. As people interpret this in different ways according to how they think or what they’ve heard or experienced.

According to my understanding, it is a form of relationship where both the female and male have an agreement about how they will be there for each other sexually. This means being friends that have sex and nothing else. For many, this form of relationship can have it’s pro’s and con’s, depending on how both parties participate in it. And on the rules set out in the beginning.

The pro’s could include, being able to have a sexual relationship with an individual and enjoy everything else that comes with it.  However this can also lead to a con which is that you aren’t allowed to catch feelings. Reason being that, you don’t want to jeopardize the friendship that you have with that individual. Or, if you are not really friends, to not make things awkward by being jealous when the other person starts dating. As this form of arrangement is mainly physical and not emotion.

Which is why it is important to know the rules before hand. Especially as it puts you in a position of being able to control how you feel unless if you both agree otherwise.

My advice when considering this kind of relationship is to always put yourself first. Understand what you want and know how you’ll control your emotions and actions. Leave some room for disappointment when things don’t go as you expected. And always practice safe sex. After all, you may not be the only friend with benefits.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!