Following your dreams

‘You’re not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it.’ Jack Canfield

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work hard for it, learn new skills, explore different avenues or climb mountains to reach it. In fact, the chances are you will have to do all of this but the challenges are not obstacles when you are pursuing to fulfill a dream because the goal is greater than any hurdle.

So many people say I have a dream BUT I can’t reach it because I don’t have, don’t know, can’t get etc etc. They will think of all the reasons why not to pursue it rather than putting their energy into thinking how they can make it a reality.

If you are sitting there with a dream of how you would like things to be, remember, you have this dream for a reason and you have the means to make it a reality. This is your life; your dream and it is meant for you to make it happen.

Don’t let people tell you that you can’t or won’t or it’s unrealistic. That’s ok. They don’t need to believe in you because you only need to believe in yourself to make it happen. Every step you take towards fulfilling your dream you will see more opportunities arise.

So how do you begin? Start by writing down what your dream is. Visualise it….have a clear picture of what it would mean for you to realise your dream? Write down one simple step that you can take that would help you to reach your dream.  After doing get to work start and doing it. This will open another opportunity for you to take another step. Keep a diary of every step you take, no matter how small and quick it may be. You are bringing energy to your dream and the more authentic energy you bring to a task the more the universe will support you and the pathway will become clearer and clearer.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!