Why multiple sex partners may not be such a good idea

Now more than ever women are finding themselves in polygamous relationships without intending to do so. With the world becoming more modernised, and globalised, roles are reversing and women are seeking more from relationship’s. This could be money, commitment, stability or just to have fun. Which is why some women may find themselves exploring¬† the idea of having different partners at the same time. While this may sound cool. It is more dangerous if you’re sleeping with all of them. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. HIV is REAL!

The recent statistics about young women between the ages of 15-25 who are getting infected is growing. I’ve noticed personally that when getting into a new relationship, I hardly ask about his previous partners and the topic of testing for HIV will be spoken but no action is taken which is dangerous. Having multiple partners that usually don’t want to use condoms is dangerous. We need to take care of ourselves and test regularly. It is suggested that your partner accompanies you so you can both be sure of your statuses and be safe.

  1. STI’s aren’t fun.

Sexually Transmitted Infection’s can be passed through sex (penetration) or orally (kissing and foreplay). I know personally among my friends that we often think kissing strangers isn’t harmful. But you have NO idea where that mouth has been! With multiple partners its even worse and chances of catching an STI are high. The moat dangerous thing about STIs is that while some symptoms can be seen, in others you won’t know because they only develop later.

  1. Self Respect is key

Choice is a privilege. But so is being responsible with how you use your choices. Loving yourself and putting yourself in high regard is a good thing. Self preservation, self love and taking pride in yourself show that you’re grounded in your values and you know what you want. Multiple partners can show the opposite. Not to mention the stress that comes with dating various people at the same time.

  1. Depression isn’t nice

When I went through my first heartbreak I literally felt like I couldn’t breathe. A lot of questions went though my head. I cant imagine how it would have been had I been dating multiple people at the same time! Having multiple partners can cause emotional drainage, stress physically or even conscious withdrawal from family and friends. Of course there will be good times in the relationships. But there will also be stressful moments with all of them.

So ladies, what ever you decide make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. After all, this article doesn’t seek to judge those in polygamous relationships. Or those living their lives the way they wish. It’s to highlight the power of choice and choosing what makes you happy whilst bearing the consequences in mind. So choose wisely and remember the most important investment you can ever make is with yourself!

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