Ask and it is given: Book Review

At GirlZtalk we love to read. Which is why today I thought I’d share a book I recently discovered. I was introduced to this great book by my friend written by Ester Hicks. The name of the book is “Ask and it is Given”. The book teaches the reader about the law of attraction and how we can accomplish all our desires. The book also explains where we come from. Through reading this amazing book, I feel more my inner-being being awakened and becoming very conscious and enlightened.

The author also advises that the reader become more aware of how they feel. The book gives you the clarity about your life, it builds your confidence and also drive’s you to be more passionate about your dreams and desires. The book also teaches how to meditate which is something we often hear about but never really understand. Which is why reading this book was so important for me as I got a look into meditation in a new way.

My favorite chapter “The power of feeling good now”, asks that the reader regularly check in with their emotions. You can do this by asking yourself a few times a day how you feel. For many people, the answer will be not many times. However by thinking about it more you can change your mood. After all the more you think and act happier the happier you will actually become. The sadder you feel the sadder you become. However, this chapter teaches us to be aware so that you can be able to adjust your feelings and feel more positive. Without spoiling any more of this wonderful book, I’d suggest you go get yourself a copy and tell me what you think in the comments below. Don’t also forget to share what books you are reading.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!