True friendship

We meet people almost everyday of our lives. The relationships that we build with these people are different. From professional to personal relationships. However at some point in life we all want to share our thoughts, ideas, memories and secrets with someone who isn’t our relative or partner. Someone we like a friend. Someone who will be there during the happy times and also during the storms that hit us hard in life.

In our personal relationships, we determine the boundaries to which these friendships extend to. Most of the time we find ourselves, inviting our friends into our most vulnerable personal space. Sharing  our deepest secrets with them. And sometimes even our big dreams or ideas.

We do this because we trust these people, and we believe that throughout all kinds of life challenges, they’ll still be there standing right beside us. Of course friendship’s aren’t always smooth yet true friendships are not supposed to be broken by anything.

If the friendship isn’t built on a value that is solid then definitely, it will not last. Which is why it is important to find people who have similar values to you. If you think your friendship with whoever it may be, isn’t as genuine as you thought. Then my advice to you would be that, you need to reevaluate the friendship and understand what values it is based on and what has been the weaknesses and strengths of your friendship.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!